mentoring and support

Computer Science teachers are a rare breed! While some schools have managed to find a newly qualified teacher, others have appointed non-specialists who have the potential to be good teachers but need guidance with the theory and coding. Actually, many teachers with degrees in a Computer Science discipline, like Software Engineering, may have not covered the material within the GCSE or A Level in their degree studies.  Since 2022, I have been mentoring a couple of teachers, an NQT and a more experienced teacher at the British School in Brussels and another teacher at a central London school. As well as supporting these teachers, I have been delivering ‘in person’ and ‘remote’ workshops for the GCSE and A-Level students.

As mentioned above, a number of schools struggle to get Computer Science specialists and unlike other subjects, a degree in Computer Science may not cover all the contents of the subject at school. However, someone with a Computer Science or related degree, once given the support, can fly in the role!

The level of support I can give is totally flexible and up to you! If you think I can help, please feel free to contact me.